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What is FixEssay?


Itís an essay editing service for students. We edit, proofread and Fix Essays.


It is very easy to use: you send us your essay and some supporting information, make a payment, and we send back to you an edited version ready to be submitted for marking.



Why use it?


To get better marks.


No marker enjoys reading an essay that is full of mistakes in grammar or spelling, or is written in an inappropriate style, or  uses inappropriate language, or is badly structured.


By fixing these and many other potential problems your chances of a good grade are significantly improved.


Your essay will be read and edited by academics with years of experience with student essays. They know what needs to be fixed to make the right impression.



Is this cheating?


Absolutely not!


The content of your essay will be unchanged; we will only assist with improving the expression of that content. We will make it easier for the marker to understand what you intended to say.



Who should use it?


All students!


It is particularly recommended for those who have English as a second language, or who have little experience with academic writing; but anyone would benefit from having a second pair of eyes look over their work. Itís easy to get too close to your essay and to fail to see mistakes that are obvious to a new reader.



How quick is it?


Unless you make a special request youíll get your essay back within 48 hours of making your payment. Special requests for urgent attention should be made before submitting your work or making a payment.



What does it cost?


Itís surprisingly affordable. For a normal edit, you can expect to pay about $30 per 1000 words (but see the costing page for more details.)



Any more questions?


Thereís more detailed information on the other pages of the website. (Use the links bar above to navigate.) If you still have questions you may send an email (see the contact page) and we will reply as soon as possible.